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Kamado 21″

Includes :

  • Cover 21″
  • Expander Grill 21″
  • Peruvian Pink Salt – Grinder x 3.5 oz
  • Peruvian Pink Salt – Carton box x 21 oz
  • Peruvian Pink Salt with Spices – Bag x 21 oz


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Ceramic ovens traditionally used in Japan, handmade and high quality. A tool to cook at low temperatures and outdoors.
In a Kamado oven, you can bake Pizzas, Bread; you can prepare Grills, Paellas, Chickens, and Pigs in the Chinese Box style. They are ovens that use coal and/or firewood, a gastronomic trend that has shown that the slowest cuisine is the one that discovers the best flavors.

Why should I have a Kamado?
Integration: The best meeting point to share a unique experience with family and friends.
Versatility: Allows roasting, smoking, baking, and woking.
Ecological: Low consumption of coal and/or firewood.
Practicality: With easy and practical use and maintenance.

1 turkey of 8kg.
18 burgers
6 whole chickens (vertical)
8 cuts of meat
8 ribs (vertical)

Only 1 left in stock

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